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0 1. 01. 2 O 1 8 /// #2018 // Events Horizon

Welcome to the New Year, friends. Hope it’s off to a great start for you. We will be providing an update very shortly regarding the record, but in the meantime, perhaps it’s best to focus our attention on what some might consider to be one of the most potent Lunar shifts in recent years.

Now, not being one consumed by superstition, there is no denying that our physical bodied are directly connected to the gravitational influence of stars and celestial bodies, including the moon.

The Moon, still not fully understood by astronomers in terms of its origin as a natural satellite, is subject to intense motion, continuously influencing both Time and space. As it appears, it rolls back and forth around the sub-Earth point. The roll angle is given by the position angle of the axis, which is the angle of the Moon’s north pole relative to “celestial north”. As the “moon” approaches and recedes from us, it thus appears to grow and shrink. The two extremes, called perigee (near) and apogee (far), typically differ by approximately 14%. This brings us to the Present moment, as right now we are experiencing a long-awaited #Supermoon. For some, eons. But what exactly is a “super moon” you might ask?

Long before the arrival of various cults and religions, Egyptians described a Death and Birth cycle that appeared to be based on the position and phases of our moon. Hence the depiction of moon deities, Osiris and Thoth, among others – each deity believed to be instrumental in the creation of new life in all living creatures.

It is clear that the moon has long played a role not only in astronomy, but in both astrology and in mysticism. Some are of the Faith that the Sun and Moon act in accordance to one another, connecting us to Interdimensional Beings from the star system, Sirius, who, billions of years ago, were created by a Divine, Omnipresent Life-force (ka or consciousness), while others maintain the position that the moon serves no purpose other than to reflect back sunlight, implicitly linked to biological rhythms, and most importantly, help us Humans keep a consistent measurement of Time; a calendar system put in place by Ancient Egyptians.

1 2. 18. 2 O 1 7 /// as we embrace the #truth into the next millenia

1 1. 13. 2 O 1 7 /// new song ᴀᴠᴀɪʟᴀʙʟᴇ ɴᴏᴡ for streaming & DOWNLOAD ::: 2 O 18 debut TBA

"This is a culture with a bug in its operating system that’s making it produce erratic, dysfunctional, malfunctional behavior. Time to call a tech."

Terence McKenna,
"Light of the Third Millennium", 1997. >>>>>>>>>> > > DOWNLOAD HERE OR BANDCAMP


O 6. O7. 2 O 1 7 /// #12 STRANDS / / #ᴅɴᴀ
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1 O. 28. 2 O 1 6 ///  Eryn re Space Treaty  email leak............

 in case some of you haven't heard, government official john podesta has been in the media lately regarding an email thread which included information surrounding zero point energy & extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI). read about it here: http://bit.ly/2dZGYq0  :more updates soon.


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O4. O3. 2 O 1 6 #Atomis featured on list of " 8 killer bands to listen to while you wait for the new #Tool album" via Ultimate Guitar


O 3. O4. 2 O 1 6  #Bryan of ᴀ ᴛ ᴏ ᴍ ɪ s live on @CJSW March 4, 2:30 MST// 1:30pm PST. Click link below and listen to the interview.  http://cjsw.com


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O 1. 3O. 2 O 1 6 #CIA post secret photographs showing crafts// #UFOs hovering over Britain.



1 2. 2O. 2 O 1 5 #guitar overdubs during the baby messiah's break have been arranged. still adding a few more of santa's balls — or should I say, bells — and whistles. more news within the next week or 2,........................................


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O 1. 1O. 2 O 1 5 #alongside the recent discovery of a strange rock formation on Mars, we have been wrapping up a few loose ends before mixes begin. In the meantime, enjoy David Bottrill's latest efforts, now streaming via Prog....

More news soon........................................


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O O. OO. 2 O 1 5 http://www.physics.utah.edu/~cassiday/p1080/lec08.html

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O 4. 20. 2 O 1 5 http://www.fourmilab.ch/rpkp/autopsy.html

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