• > ᴀ ᴛ ᴏ ᴍ ɪ s [ATOMiss] is a band from Vancouver, Canada melding dark ambient with experimental Rock, Electronic and Metal, Defining their unique space between musical pillars #Goblin, #Radiohead, #BoardsOfCanada, #Tool and #Neurosis, the group's otherworldly sound evokes a sense of darkness and light, born of haunting melody and the inner struggle.

With the release of their first Official Video, members experienced viral success when featured on vsauce2, and mentioned in buzz-worthy media magazines, MetalSucks and Ultimate Guitar. 8 years later, the band is ready to release their first full-length. A T O M I S are currently working with Grammy Award-winning mixer/producer, David Bottrill [ #KingCrimson#Tool, #Muse#Silverchair #Rush ].*

Debut album 2 O 18. Mixed by David Bottrill.

ooo ooooooo oo bit.ly/2e0ZYGh ooo oo

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